9 Secrets for Selling Your Gresham Home for Top Dollar

9 Secrets for Selling Your Gresham Home for Top Dollar

First Impressions Matter

First impressions really matter in real estate, and your curb appeal is the first impression buyers will have when you’re striving toward selling your Gresham home for top dollar. Go ahead and look at your house as if you were a buyer driving up and make sure that what they would be seeing looks great. Is your driveway cracked? Does your front door look like it's in good shape? Make sure your mailbox looks amazing. All those things really matter when you're selling your Gresham house.

Use Your Rooms the Right Way

Make the right use of your rooms. Is your dining room a kids' playroom? Is your office just a big storage room? Buyers want to see the rooms used in the right ways. Make sure that there's a dining table in your dining room. Make sure that there's a desk and an office chair in your office. This will help the buyer see what the room is supposed to be used for and imagine it that way for themselves.

Reglaze Bathroom and Kitchen Tile

The best tip I can give somebody is to do simple, cheap updates on rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms. Those are the rooms that sell houses. If you have old pink or green tile in your bathroom, take a few hundred bucks and reglaze it to a nice white, and it'll help you out tremendously in the sale process. The same applies to “unique” backsplashes in the kitchen.

Get Personal When Selling Your Gresham House

Get the buyers to fall in love with your house. You can do this by writing a letter. Be personal about your experiences in the house, how you raised your kids there, what you experienced with the neighbors. Be very personable. Frame your letter on the kitchen counter and leave it for the buyers to see. If you can connect with a buyer emotionally through this letter, they are more likely to pay top dollar for your home.

Trust Your Gresham Realtor With Pricing

I suggest listing under market value when selling your Gresham house. The data show that if you list 10% below market value, 75% of the buyer pool will view your home online or otherwise be attracted to your home. In contrast, if you list 10% above market value, only 30% of your buyer pool will be attracted to your home. Sellers fear that not leaving room to negotiate leaves money on the table, which just isn't true. In fact, buyers are often motivated to bid by seeing other bids on your property, a dynamic that typically pushes bids above market value. Your Gresham Realtor can advise you on market value and the right listing price for your particular home.

Give Insider Information

Work with me to create the public remarks on your listing. We can include some insider tidbits about the coffee shop down the street, a great burrito place, or the local library that's within walking distance. These insider tips will help people imagine what they're going to experience at your house.

Consider Neighborhood Culture

Think of everything that’s possibly interesting about your neighborhood when selling your Gresham house. Does your neighborhood throw great block parties? Do they have basketball games out in the cul-de-sac? Is there a neighborhood swimming pool? Doing this is going to establish a connection with buyers. For example, if they have a teenager who loves to play basketball, they're going to picture them playing basketball with the neighbors. If they have kids who love to go swimming, they're going to imagine that, and that in turn is going to get them to fall in love with your home even more.

Brag About Special Features

Don't forget to list the extras. What is special about your home? What have you done to improve your home? Do you have a camera doorbell? Do you have a phone-operated security system? Do you have a Nest system you use to control almost everything in your home via your cell phone? These extras are going to make a buyer feel that they don't have to do any updates so they can come in and get exactly what they want. This goes a long way in selling your Gresham home for top dollar!

Don’t Fall for Pricing Myths

Let’s talk about the “myth of 99 .” It's important to choose the correct price for your home, and you may not realize it, but you don’t want a number that ends with a “99.” This is because it's going to cut your buyer pool drastically in half. When people do searches online, they search up to whole numbers, so if somebody's searching from $400,000 to $500,000 and another party's searching from $500,000 to $600,000, the latter one won't see your house if you list it at a $499,999 price. Listing at a whole number is going to get more people to actually pull up your home in searches.

I hope these tips are useful for you. If you have any questions about the market, buying a home, or selling a home, please reach out to me. Call me at (971) 645-2019 to ask me any question you want, or text me if you'd like. As a Gresham Realtor, I’m here to help you find any answers about selling your Gresham home for top dollar or finding the perfect house for your needs.


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